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How will you finance your business?


Guidant Financial Group can help secure exceptional funding solutions for starting a business or franchise. Read more >>


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Financing your business with retirement funds without incurring penalties or additional taxes. This option is an exceptional means to start a business debt-free and increase your success rate.


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Franchise Financing with your IRA or 401(k)

Guidant Financial Group™ is the leading provider of business-funding solutions through an individual’s IRA or 401(k). Guidant’s innovative services allow entrepreneurs to roll over their existing retirement funds to finance the purchase of a business or franchise without taking a distribution or incurring penalties. This process is similar to that of purchasing shares of a public company’s stock within your IRA – the main difference being that you get to invest your IRA in YOUR business now.

Purchasing a business with one’s IRA or 401(k) delivers more benefits than any other funding option. With Guidant's Audeo™ program, you can access your retirement funds without incurring debt from high interest loans. Here are just a few of the significant advantages this type of financing provides:

  • Reduced or eliminated debt: By purchasing your new business with IRA funds, the amount of debt the company would typically hold is eliminated or greatly reduced, thus significantly reducing company overhead.

  • Increased business success rate: New businesses that carry significantly reduced overhead have dramatically higher success rates.

  • Increased IRA value: Investing in your business is like investing in a publicly traded company--as your company grows, so does your IRA’s value.

  • Faster funding: This process is typically completed in less than 21 days; other funding options take considerably longer.

  • More peace of mind: This funding solution does not require you to pledge your home, credit or other assets as collateral.

In addition to offering funding solutions utilizing retirement funds, Guidant offers financing options for those who desire alternate or supplementary funding.  These options include:

  • Unsecured & Signature Loans

  • Facilitation with SBA loans

  • Facilitation with Home Equity Line of Credits

Guidant Financial Group was founded to provide investors with safe and innovative ways to invest for their future retirement. Whether your dream is to own your own business or be financially secure though a truly diversified investment portfolio, Guidant can help you make your dreams a reality.